Drama CD Translation: Kare Pillow vol. 2 Sugisaki Kazuya|Taniyama Kishou


As promised, here it is, Kiiyan’s Kare Pillow CD. This is just the main CD, the tokuten I would upload some other day.

Man, I’ve gotten rusty translating. And Kiiyan has become deadlier. LOL

A little fun fact, I started translating this while I was in a Starbucks (yes, I am an idiot for doing this in public)… and when I was starting on the H track, I noticed this Chinese ossan, staring intently at my laptop screen. I wonder if he was reading what I was typing or was distracted by Morikawa Toshiyuki as my wallpaper. lol

And of course, warnings are in order.

As is if you didn’t already know, this is R-18 and is NSFW and anyone below 18 keep the hell out, though even if I say that, you ain’t gonna listen to me and would just continue reading, right? Just don’t blame me for stuff like lost sanity and virgin minds, okay? And no, I won’t have brain bleach for you as well. If I did, I would’ve used it on myself first.

Again, sorry for the random breaks with my url, it’s to prevent copy-pasta without crediting me >A<;;

Anyway, without further ado… enjoy the Shining God of Thunder, Taniyama Kishou and his eroi voice. /shot


PS They should stop making Kiiyan’s characters look like him GFDI

Kare Pillow vol. 2

Sugisaki Kazuya | Taniyama Kishou

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My sister Amanda put a flower on Alice’s head, which she didn’t seem to mind at first.
I didn’t see the last photo until we got inside and I’m still pissing myself laughing.

落書(BL含有) | 馬來貘@謐月 [pixiv]


ネコミミ~ | eyp




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These are gold.

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Resident Evil school uniforms 

featuring Jill Waifu, Sailor Mars, Not Chie Satonaka, and that girl from the private school for offspring with political backgrounds


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Today I got my friends to help me turn the whole class sideways and sit in the chairs like we normally would for April Fools and wait for our teacher to walk in. We also flipped her desk, chair and computer. The faces on the students passing our homeroom were priceless.

I’m not gonna lie, I thought you had somehow magically stapled your desks to the wall and I am the biggest idiot ever